great new blues CD

Steve Hoffman steve90@EROLS.COM
Sat Jul 12 13:59:12 EDT 1997 wrote:
Two errors in my rave review of Pat Boyack & Prowlers "Super Blue &
First, I referred to his new vocalist as Spencer Johnson. His correct
name is Spencer Thomas.  Apologies to him and to the entire Thomas
Second, I compared to other fine blue-eyed blues singers such as Kim
Wilson and "Sugar Blue." I meant to write "Sugar Ray (Norcia)". Sugar
Blue, of course, is a brown-eyed handsome man ... besides which, Spencer
Thomas sounds nothing like Sugar Blue but does remind me of Sugar Ray
> >
ew vocalist, Spencer Johnson, is one of the best blue-eyed
> > blues singers to come along -- in the vein of Kim Wilson, Sugar Blue,
> You must mean Sugar Ray Norcia, right?  Because I suspect that Sugar
> Blue wouldn't take kindly to being called a blue eyed blues singer.
> Scott

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