Rumors and the Fleet BluesFest

Marcia Selko mselko01@MAIL.BCPL.LIB.MD.US
Sat Jul 12 10:00:45 EDT 1997

Paul LoCasto wrote:
> I just got back from the Fleet BluesFest in Albany, N.Y. There are a
> couple of rumors which i hope someone can either dispell or substantiate.
> First off, Rory Block was supposed to perform but did not due to a medical
> emergency..(they also said she was doing well) I heard that this emergency
> was that Rory had a this true? Also... I believe that Son
> Seals was supposed to perform at CHICAGO B.L.U.E.S. in NYC.. i called and
> didnt find him on the line-up. Subsequently i heard at the Fest that he
> was shot in the mouth but is this news or the ramblings of a
> drunken bluzer :)
>         The Fest was good..G.E. Smith put on a show which the audience
> seemed to enjoy.. what he does he does well..Ernie Williams & The Wildcats
> (Albany) had the crowd going.. some blues...some rock ..most a bit of
> both...
>  Junior Wells and the Junior Wells Band headlined friday July 11th. Well i
> was kinda diappointed...not much harp...and his vocals were drowned out..
> but Junior still was a presence. For all who are interested... Saturday's
> line-up at the Empire
> State Plaza IN Albany..
> 12:30 Chuck D'Aloia Blues
> 2:00 Paul Mark & The Van Dorens
> 3:30 Debbie Davies
> 5:00 Lucky Peterson
> 6:45 Kenny Neal
> 8:30 Elvin Bishop
> Also......its FREE!!
> "You better treat me right in that book of yours,or I'll cut you."
> Junior Wells (interview with Donald E. Wilcock)
I can't say about Rory's condition but as for Son Seals, this was no
rumor. I spoke with him shortly after he got out of the hospital. He was
shot by his girlfriend at the time, Laura Wells. I did not go into a who
struck john story with him, but she did shoot him at close range, the
bullet went through his jaw. He is recovering, but is really lucky to be
alive. I had thought he was out performing again already, perhaps I'll
give him a call and see if he is just having a set back or is still
unable to work. Sorry to hear he wasn't able to do the festival. As for
Rory if this is so, my heartfelt wishes go out to her, that's a hard
thing for a women to go through.
Marcia Selko BBS

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