Foster/Europe blues

Bert van Oortmarssen
Sat Jul 12 07:26:10 EDT 1997

Bonnie Kalmbach <> wrote:

>It's interesting that booking agents/blues-societies abroad seem to
>be more aware of U.S. regional artists than in the states. Willie Foster
>has been in Europe, so have the Fieldstones. Jack Johnson toured
>Europe in the 70's. Andre Williams. Just take a look at some of
>the overseas blues and r&b magazines - the list of U.S. artists
>that have toured abroad and are barely known here goes on and on.
>Things don't seem to have changed that much since Muddy and Big
>Bill Broonzy went abroad in the 50's.

Credits should be given to Jaap Hindriks, who's has a big role in the
of the Utrecht Blues Estaffette (every year in november). All the artists
you mention,
first appeared at the Blues Estafette, and in many cases they are picked up
other booking agents for further touring.

Personally I don't feel that the blues is very popular (in Holland) at the
moment, there are not
too many concerts and the average CD-shop has only a small section of blues
cd's (half of it
is blues-rock, the other half cheapo compilations of chess artists) ... and
don't make the mistake
that I made by going to a "R 'n' B" bar !! This modern r'n'b has as little
to do with real rhythm and
blues as the H.O.B. has to do with blues ...

 Bert van Oortmarssen

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