Rumors and the Fleet BluesFest

Paul LoCasto be82589@BINGHAMTON.EDU
Sat Jul 12 02:04:46 EDT 1997

I just got back from the Fleet BluesFest in Albany, N.Y. There are a
couple of rumors which i hope someone can either dispell or substantiate.
First off, Rory Block was supposed to perform but did not due to a medical
emergency..(they also said she was doing well) I heard that this emergency
was that Rory had a this true? Also... I believe that Son
Seals was supposed to perform at CHICAGO B.L.U.E.S. in NYC.. i called and
didnt find him on the line-up. Subsequently i heard at the Fest that he
was shot in the mouth but is this news or the ramblings of a
drunken bluzer :)
        The Fest was good..G.E. Smith put on a show which the audience
seemed to enjoy.. what he does he does well..Ernie Williams & The Wildcats
(Albany) had the crowd going.. some blues...some rock ..most a bit of
 Junior Wells and the Junior Wells Band headlined friday July 11th. Well i
was kinda diappointed...not much harp...and his vocals were drowned out..
but Junior still was a presence. For all who are interested... Saturday's
line-up at the Empire
State Plaza IN Albany..

12:30 Chuck D'Aloia Blues
2:00 Paul Mark & The Van Dorens
3:30 Debbie Davies
5:00 Lucky Peterson
6:45 Kenny Neal
8:30 Elvin Bishop
Also......its FREE!!

"You better treat me right in that book of yours,or I'll cut you."
Junior Wells (interview with Donald E. Wilcock)

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