Time Warp/Average Blues-Ler age/Blues Future

Ryan Hartt RHartt1234@aol.com
Sat Jul 12 01:47:33 EDT 1997

     There can be little doubt that the blues is on one of its all too
infrequent upswings, mainly because many (dare I say most) of you have
reached an age and level of stability and financial security where you have a
little extra dough to buy CDs, subscribe to magazines, buy computers, and go
to live blues shows etc. Blues has grown tremendously in the last 15 years,
thanks to many of you who came to it through Clapton, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin
and the like. What will happen when you (I say you because I am 23, younger
than the average blues fan and blues-ler and I came to blues through Muddy
Waters and coincidence) are no longer the heavy consumers you are today? And
what is the average age of a professional blues performer? Roughly the same
as the average blues fan, not counting a few guitar playing curve breakers,
if not a little older. Will the popularity of the blues, and the modest
industry it has created, suck wind as it did in the 70's, only to rise again
in its 20 year cycle? Or are there enough of us youngsters to keep it going?
Or have you created something, a rise in the musics popularity that is, that
will outlast you?
     A couple of questions to answer how you please.
     Ryan Hartt

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