will the real Lea Gilmore please stand up?

Steve Levine Steve.Levine@CORP.WRGRACE.COM
Fri Jul 11 15:04:04 EDT 1997

>  AND Lea is gonna be at the convention JAM/BBQ.  Looking forward to this
>  big time.  Do I hear "A Star Is Born" playing .... hmmmmmm.

I played with Lea's band this Tuesday at the Common Ground blues night.
I met Cary Wolfson (aka The Red Rooster),  and hung out with Guy Davis
and Scott Ainslie (I also met Scott's teenage son, who is playing bass
and learning guitar and harp. Nice kid). I haven't posted anything
about it yet because I want to wait until Lea and Cary get back from
the Common Ground. It was a great night and Lea's a hell of a singer,
with great stage presence. More on the Common Ground next week....


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