Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Fri Jul 11 14:04:14 EDT 1997

<<As long as this thread keeps going...  "Time Warp" is appropriate.... Is
anybody else getting notes twice, answers two days before the questions, and
other odd things?  And what are these little squares all over the note?  Is
this an AOL thing?>>

some of it is AOL, but more of it is due to the inherent nature of the internet.. if you can think of it like gossip, it might be easier to understand.. you tell a friend, they tell a friend etc.. it goes around in a big circle with everyone telling everyone.. while the internet is not quite that bed, it is getting that way.. my server tells a router, which tells another router etc.. all of them trying to find an available pathway to your e-mail.. because of this you sometimes get redundancy.. there are also special mail routers that hold and try to resend messages that don't get through the first time, and because of that may not deliver the original mail to all parties until after the answer has been distributed.. 
there is hope.. they are working on a protocol now that picks nearest available router instead of first available router.. there are also some new super routers being planned by such as microsoft, sun microsystems etc that will be set up just to use this new protocol.. however, there are still a number of questions as to whose standard the new system will run.. sun wants theirs, microsoft wants theirs..
before other computer professionals flame me for the inaccuracies and simplifications in the post, remember.. I am trying to simplify it..

Bill Salmon

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