Long John Hunter(kinda long)

Bernie Clarke RhythmShrk@aol.com
Fri Jul 11 11:00:44 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-11 01:53:55 EDT, you write:

<< After seven years together, three releases, 4 Handy nominations,
 hundreds of reviews and performances without one negative word...I hope
 it shows that we are constantly listening to everyone. It's why I joined
 this list (and others) in the first place. >>

I suggest that after seven years together and not one negative word that you
have been playing in State Hospitals to audiences consisting of folks with
lobotomy scars.  You can't be in this business without generating some
criticism is preposterous.  I know that Long John Hunter is a great bluesman,
but your most recent response to this thread is ridiculous!

Bernie Clarke

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