Not quite blues: a Ray Charles query

Thu Jul 10 16:16:24 EDT 1997

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997 19:23:16 +0100, in bit.listserv.blues-l, Alan
Lloyd <> wrote:

>Years ago I had an old vinyl 45 recording of the title song from the
>movie "In the heat of the night", sung by Ray Charles. This had a long
>instrumental (sax) introduction. I have the song on two CD collections -
>one on Sequel and one on Rhino, but both omit this introduction.
>To me that was an integral part of the song. Is there any collection out
>there containing the unedited version?
>Alan Lloyd
>London England

Really wish I could help - that was a great sound track -
unfortunately the LP was deleted a long time ago - I can't even see it
listed on the All Music Guide.  I believe QUINCY JONES was credited
with the movie soundtrack.

But the thing I remember about the soundtrack, aside from the great
theme song, was the fabulous "Growl" flute by (Rahsaan) Roland Kirk.

It was a pretty good movie for its time too.

I see this CD listed on

CNC400921 02/94 CNC

but have no idea whether this is the full version or the edited one.



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