Thinking about playlists

Alan Lloyd alan@ALLOYD.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Jul 10 14:16:42 EDT 1997

While all you Statesiders were off enjoying the July the 4th weekend
there weren't a lot of messages to I had time to think about
some things - for instance playlists:
I have a reasonably large blues collection - several hundred CDs and a
number of LPs - yet I rarely have more than 10 percent of the records
(or similar collections) in any of the playlists (often less). I know I
have some blind spots in my collection - I'm not that keen on Louis
Jordan style jump blues and I don't have a great deal of modern "white"
blues (I prefer to fill gaps in my collection, such as  recently
acquiring my first Texas Alexanders), but I have quite a representative
I think if I had all the good stuff on all those playlists I'd have to
live to be 150 to listen to them all. Then a few more years to take in
the live gigs!
Alan Lloyd
London England

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