great new blues CD

Steve Hoffman steve90@EROLS.COM
Thu Jul 10 09:43:11 EDT 1997

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to hear the vast majority of
contemporary blues CDs as they are released .... every now and then one
of them jumps up, grabs me by the shoulders, and hollers "This is it!"
Such a CD is the latest from Pat Boyack & the Prowlers, "Super Blue &
Funky." His new vocalist, Spencer Johnson, is one of the best blue-eyed
blues singers to come along -- in the vein of Kim Wilson, Sugar Blue,
and Darrell Nulisch.  Boyack's guitar combines brawn and brains. The
arrangements are in-the-pocket; the songs are great. What's not to like?
BTW, I thought Boyack's prior CDs were decent but not exceptional ...
this one is much stronger. The album is 100% real deal; 0% bullshit.
It's CDs like "Super Blue & Funky" that remind me why I'm a blues fan in
the first place.

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