Sugar Ray and Roomful, the real scoop

Ryan Hartt
Thu Jul 10 00:46:59 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-09 20:25:42 EDT,

<< Sugar Ray is quite happy where he is thanks, and has no plans
 to leave the band.  Carl says the rumor originated with a small local
 paper named Sound Waves, and no one in the band or management knows why
 or how the rumor started.
 In any case, it ain't so, >>
     I guess I helped propagate said rumor as I read it in "Sound Waves"  and
then posted to three mailing lists asking if it was true. I was getting
excited for a Sugar Ray solo album or a Bluetones reunion, but I guess it it
is premature. Sorry for spreading an untruth and thanks to those who set
things straight. (The whole thing is kind of a blues "Paul Is Dead")
     Ryan Hartt

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