Ottawa Bluesfest

Wed Jul 9 18:47:13 EDT 1997

In article <>, greg greene
<> writes:

>Finally, the Night Tripper, Dr. John, closed the show.  He is one spooky
>dude - knows a bit about the pianny too.  He had with him Sam Walls, an
>80 something piano man, apparently from Montreal.  Sam seems bluesier
>than John and so more to my taste.

I thought they were both great, same with his drummer and bass player.
This is the first time I was able to actually watch a performance and it
was neat seeing Dr. John play guitar with someone else playing piano.
Guess I like "feel good" music, seemed like most of the crowd did too,
after waiting over an hour for him to go on I didn't see many people
leave. I have to give the crew and volunteers in Ottawa a lot of credit
for putting on a festival as good as this one.

Did anyone happen to catch Lil' Georgie & the Shufflin' Hungarians? Cat

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