Gear: Opinions on vintage Strats vs. Custom Shop?

Harry Mc Gonigal blueta2@ENTER.NET
Wed Jul 9 12:25:55 EDT 1997

> I have a Sonic Blue Strat that is ALDER (Warmoth) and the Body
> weighed, ***2 POUNDS 14 Ounces** This Mother Screams with or without
> my
> 2 3X10 BandMasters!!
> Picture at
> click on ordering info/ Guitars
> Kenny Blue Ray
Wow, 3X10 Bandmasters, cool!  I used to have one myself.  Not as loud as
the 4X10 Bassmans, but cool tone.  Guitar sounds like its a player.  I'm
finishing a new strat for myself.  The body is curly nato back, with
flame-birdseye maple top.  I've had the wood in the shop for about 17
years and am just getting around to making it.  I've done the combo
before and they have an interesting voice.  I've got an original strat
bridge for it.(1956) I'll keep ya posted.  RFH
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