Willie Foster

Wed Jul 9 11:14:00 EDT 1997

It's interesting that booking agents/blues-societies abroad seem to
be more aware of U.S. regional artists than in the states. Willie Foster
has been in Europe, so have the Fieldstones. Jack Johnson toured
Europe in the 70's. Andre Williams. Just take a look at some of
the overseas blues and r&b magazines - the list of U.S. artists
that have toured abroad and are barely known here goes on and on.
Things don't seem to have changed that much since Muddy and Big
Bill Broonzy went abroad in the 50's.


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>>I need the phone number to Palindrome records to see if the Willie Foster
>>"I found Joy" CD has been repressed.
>>It's a shame that a major (relatively speaking) does not pick this CD up. I
>>have no idea the hows/whys of the bidness but there are lots of material on
>>'major' labels that can't touch this Willie Foster CD. It would be a great
>>addition to some labels catalog.
>I really like Willie. One explanation is of course that none of them have
>ever heard of him given that he's a mainly regional act. He was picked up by
>a New Zealand blues guitar-playing cat named Midge Marsden and brought on
>tour there a few years ago -- Midge is on Sony there, but was just hoping
>he'd get some word of mouth going here when he stopped in Willie's residence
>of Greenville, Miss. on a "blues tourism" stop. At the same time, Willie's
>old and has major eyesight and other health problems. But who can say? He
>took off with a Mauri motorcycle gang at one point in New Zealand, according
>to sources, and scared the hell out of Marsden and his band.
>  Ray
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