DFW club Schooners closes

Jim Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Wed Jul 9 08:52:24 EDT 1997

Wild Bill wrote:
> Don O. wrote:
> >
> > Long running DFW blues club Schooners closed their doors permanently
> > tonight.  They'd been one of the stalwarts of the DFW scene for about 12
> > years.  Hash Brown's Sunday blues jam, which had been running for almost 10
> > of those years, closed things out last night.  Mike Morgan, Hash Brown,
> > Holland K. Smith, and Richard Chalk were the highlights for what proved to
> > be a mostly terrible jam session.
> (snip)
> Thanks for the info, Don.  An end to an era in Dallas blues, indeed.
> Some of my favorite memories of Schooners are meeting and becoming
> friends
> with an excellent Dallas-area harmonica player, David Vincent Darien,
> through the club, playing guitar with Zuzu Bollin doing "TV Mama,"
> meeting
> a girlfriend, Nancy Turanski, hearing wild stories about David "Bottle-
> Head" Miller (also a host), jamming in 1989 with my younger brother Tom
> visiting from out of town who made up impromptu blues lyrics, plus
> seeing
> Pat "The Heart-attach" Boyack come to Dallas from Utah and get into the
> annals of Beavis & Butt-head.  Then there was Sam Myers always throwing
> his lit filter-less cigarette butt onto the nice wooden dance floor near
> the end of the first song after Hash Brown would call him up.  And
> usually
> a friendly bartender behind the bar....   Glad I lived so close so I
> could crawl home on many a night and still make it to work the next day.
> > Hash Brown will be moving his Sunday jam to the Lakewood Bar and Grill
> > beginning the first Sunday in August.  He has had few Sundays off in the
> > last 10 years and deserves a break.
> HB is truly the king stud of Dallas blues jams.
> Wild Bill
And my favorite memory of Schooners- the one and only time I went there
Jim Suhler and Monkeybeat flat-out brought the house down!!! I've never
seen such a strong set in a live setting. Jim never seemed to stop
playing, and at one point I swear he was walking along the molding over
the bar up at ceiling level. Every pelvis in the whole place was moving
to the same beat.

It was definitly a peak experience.


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