Willie Foster

Ray Mikell mojo@kopower.com
Wed Jul 9 01:37:22 EDT 1997

>I need the phone number to Palindrome records to see if the Willie Foster
>"I found Joy" CD has been repressed.
>It's a shame that a major (relatively speaking) does not pick this CD up. I
>have no idea the hows/whys of the bidness but there are lots of material on
>'major' labels that can't touch this Willie Foster CD. It would be a great
>addition to some labels catalog.

I really like Willie. One explanation is of course that none of them have
ever heard of him given that he's a mainly regional act. He was picked up by
a New Zealand blues guitar-playing cat named Midge Marsden and brought on
tour there a few years ago -- Midge is on Sony there, but was just hoping
he'd get some word of mouth going here when he stopped in Willie's residence
of Greenville, Miss. on a "blues tourism" stop. At the same time, Willie's
old and has major eyesight and other health problems. But who can say? He
took off with a Mauri motorcycle gang at one point in New Zealand, according
to sources, and scared the hell out of Marsden and his band.

"For God's sake let's have a little more freakish behavior -- not less."
  -- Tennessee Williams, 1945

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