Honeyboy's bio

Tue Jul 8 18:37:00 EDT 1997

David "Honeyboy" Edwards long awaited autobiography has a street
date of September 1st. I had a couple of long chats with Michael Frank,
Honeyboy's current producer, at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
this past weekend. Michael said he considers his work with
Honeyboy on this book to be probably the major accomplishment
of his life - even over all of the Earwig recordings he ha s produced.
The book focuses on Honeyboy's life in the Delta until the time he
settled in Chicago in 1956.

Honeyboy thinks that Robert Johson is more likely to be buried in
a paupers' graveyard much closer to Greenwood than the two sites
that have markers on them (the Mount Zion churchyard etc).

I may or may not write a review of MVBF. As a rather jaded blues fan of
nearly three decades - I would rate this year's edition as a good festival
good music, and a lot of fun - but not spectacular, no major discoveries,
re-discoveries, etc - except for the Excello group from Nashville (Roscoe
Shelton, Earl Gaines, and Clifford Curry); all the other artists I'd seen
a jillion times :-) but I was with my "newbie" (I hate that word) family
and they loved it. LeClaire Park in Davenport on the Mississippi is
one heckava nice festival site.

I got to shake the frail, former drumstick wielding, hand of Grace Brim.
Saw Blues-eller Dave Markovits from Chi-town and his girlfriend.
I enjoyed myself and *even* wore shorts!


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