Tom Freeland thf4@WATERVALLEY.NET
Tue Jul 8 15:40:52 EDT 1997

The list called folk_music is focused (as the poster quoted below noted) on
singer-songwriters; the list is (heavily) moderated under a rule that
excludes discussion of Elizabeth Cotten *and* the origins of the
fiddle tune "Forked Deer" as off-topic.

Tom Freeland

On  8 Jul 97 at 9:14, T. Roy Matthews wrote:

> You bet there is. The one with the most traffic that I've seen is
> (and to which I subscribe) is called "folk_music". However, I must
> tell you, it doesn't generate very many "blues-type" posts. It
> mainly focuses on modern (see weird) stuff but I use it to keep up
> on a few singer/songwriters whose work I like. It generates about
> 10-20 messages/day.
> It can be found at:
> http://www.world.std.com/~longo/fm.faq.html

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