GEAR: Gibson "Scout" amp, info help??

Tue Jul 8 12:35:05 EDT 1997

Hi Gearheads, it's me, your evil cousin Riffin Rick, with a request for
any info on an amp I was looking at yesterday.  I'm back from NOMAIL mode
feeling more relaxed and ready to rock.

The amp is a Gibson "Scout" model, presumably early '60s, right?  Gibson
hasn't made an amp since then, have they?  It's a nice club-sized amp,
smaller and lighter than a Bassman, say. The cabinet is an odd grey-colored
wood grain, neutral colored grille cloth, and only 3 big knobs were it's
entire control complement: Volume, reverb, tremolo.  Period. Not a single
tone knob on the darned thing.  I looked in the back, and it has a single
10-inch Gibson speaker, and I could just barely make out a set of maybe
5 tubes, I think 2 big power tubes and 3 little ones like AX7's.  I found
no information on it about power/watts, date of mfg., etc., and no one in
the store at the time knew a thing about it. My regular guy was not "in" at
the time.

Again, it's about as wide as a Bassman, but not as tall, sort of oblong, not
square. Grey-colored cabinet and a black carrying handle on top.  Nice and
light to carry too.  Looks all original.  They want $399 for it.

I didn't get to test drive it yet, but I will, you can count on it. ;-)
Anybody know ANYTHING about this amp, Gibson Scout?  Age? Watts? Tone? Quality?
Desirable collector or no?


Riffin Rick
(the evil one) ;-)

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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