Gold records (was: On this day...)

Tue Jul 8 09:30:11 EDT 1997

>On this day in 1958, The first gold record album presented by the Recording
>Industry Association of America (RIAA) was awarded this day -- to the
>soundtrack LP, Oklahoma!. The honor signified that the album had reached
>one million dollars (not records) in sales. The first, gold single issued
>by the RIAA had been "Catch a Falling Star" by Perry Como in March of 1958.
>A gold single represents sales of one million records (not dollars).
>P.W. Fenton
>Tampa, Florida

When did the LP criteria for gold go from one million dollars in sales to
one million records sold ?  It's an interesting distinction.  Anyone have
any idea how much an LP might have gone for in 1958?

Curiously yours,


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