Lucky Peterson commandeers Bluesfest!

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: Last night was the first of the NYC Summertime Blues Cruises. Man, was it
: a great show! Lucky Peterson, a young man who is probably more
: in front of an audience than he is walking down the street, (as he's been
: entertaining the public since the age of 5), showed a boatload of happy
: partyers just what it means to be a showman. Backed by a 6 peice band
: (including a 3 man horn section), this guy pulled out all the stops,
: playing guitar like a dynamo, from in your face slow blues burners to
: funky Hendrixlike jams. He also played some really cool organ, and his
: singing was stellar. Last time I saw this cat, he was a 15 year old
: keyboardist in the employ of Bobby Bland, and even THEN I could tell he
: had major talent!

Lucky played the OTTAWA BLUESFEST (the largest in Canada) last Sat.
afternoon. I'd never seen him before, but what a show. This guy IS good. He
played a wireless guitar and within 2 songs was on a 20 minute walkabout
through the crowds on the grass. He sat down in a lawn chair, had a swig of
some guy's drink, and hopped over about 2 zillion bodies, and didn't miss a
beat in his gargantuan solo. To top that off, after making it back to the
stage, he sat down at the B3 and played a great keyboard solo. Lucky also
gets the"Loudest Shirt of the Festival" award- he was featured on the front
page of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

His unsmiling body guard accompanied him through the crowd, and generally
glowered about on stage, but I suppose it was necessary to ease Lucky's way
through the crowd.

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