Johnny Copeland Funeral Info Change...

Reg Burns ryburns@SWBELL.NET
Tue Jul 8 05:07:59 EDT 1997

Per new information, Johnny Copeland's Houston funeral information is as

Wake/Visitation (same as previously posted):
James Stripling Funeral Home - Wednesday, July 09 2-9pm
1402 Cleburne
(713) 526-0091

Funeral (note change):
St. Agnes Baptist Church - Thursday, July 10 1pm
3730 South Acres
(713) 733-0146

Paradise South Cemetary
16001 Cullen St.
(713) 445-1201

The benfit concert/jam tonight at Billy blues was quite well attended.
Johnny's close friend Joe "Guitar" Hughes hosted and kicked off the
memorial and was followed by (in no particular order):  Texas Johnny
Brown, Earl Gilliam, Pete Mayes, Jimmy "T-99" Nelson (one of the last
great shouters of our time, a real treasure), Oscar Perry, Grady Gaines,
Big Roger Collins, Johnny Prejean (JCC's first drummer), Rick Lee,
Hamilton Loomis, Andy "Too Hard" Williams and Frank Salvato...I'm sure I
left out a few.  Another great Houston Third Warder, Mr. Johnny Nash,
was in the audience and paid a nice tribute.  The highlight had to be
when Joe, Texas Johnny Brown and Pete Mayes played a bluesy rendition of
"When The Saints Go Marchin' In" and had the crowd lined up around the
club to drop contributions into the hat for Johnny's Medical Fund.  In
all, over $1,300 was raised this evening.  Johnny's spirit was in the
air, his smile illuminating the festivities.

Reg Burns - Houston, TX

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