Cape Cod Blues

M. Farnworth
Tue Jul 8 04:21:27 EDT 1997

Stew asked:

> Can anyone help this fellow out?

>>Hi Stew,
>>Do you know of any clubs on Cape Cod where you can hear blues ,acoustic
>>or electric or jazz, trad.or modern?


Replying to the Blues part of the question, I'm sad to say that the Cape
is all but a Blues wasteland this year.

Trying to fill the void is Harry's Cajun, 700 Main St. Hyannis (508)
778-4188.  They've been featuring "local" (sometimes Boston-based,
sometimes Cape-based) bands on Friday and Saturday nights for the last
couple of years.  The last week or so, this seems to have been expanded
to Wednesday and Thursday as well.  Contact Harry's or me for specifics.

The Cape Cod Melody Tent, a 2300 seat summer venue, is low on Blues this
year, too.  Lyle Lovett (does he count?) is there this Thursday.
Saturday July 19 is the 2nd Annual New England Brew & Blues Festival,
featuring 35 N.E. microbreweries and "5 N.E. Blues bands" and me (-: .
Aretha is appearing there ($35, ouch!) on 7/24.  The Melody Tent phone
number is (508) 775-9100 or you can visit them at

Last year the Wellfleet Beachcomber, Old Cahoon Hollow Road, (508)
349-6055, had "National Blues Night" on Wednesdays, featuring the likes
of Kenny Neal, Luther Johnson etc.  But I've not heard of anything
happening there yet this year.

There's lots of good stuff happening at The Hot Tin Roof on Martha's
Vineyard this year, but I don't have contact information readily
available.  I *know* Duke Robillard is there in August, on a Thursday or
something. I think Alora HTR them a few weeks back, maybe she can help
with this.

Unfortunately, that's about all I can think of right now.  If anyone
will be visiting this sand bar and wants more information, they can feel
free to contact me.

I'm not affiliated with any of these venues...just a Blueshound keeping
an eye on the situation, trying to seek out the occasional local


p.s. there seems to be lots of jazz happening, always Cape-based jazz
bands playing at the grazzillion restaurants around here, but I'm not up
on that stuff.

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