Review - Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets with Sam Myers

Tue Jul 8 04:15:52 EDT 1997

Thanks for the nice review!  They're heros of mine, too.  :')  We're really
lucky down here in DFW.  Whenever they're off the road, Sam Myers can be
found at every jam session in town, sitting in, pontificating, and having a
good time.

At 02:10 AM 7/8/97 -0rbanks@MAIL.WINCOM.NET, you wrote:

>keys Douglas Demitre Rykert (sp),

That's Doug Rynack.  Sam often introduces him as "Douglas Demetrius Rynack".
I don't know if "Demetrius" is his real middle name or not, but Sam likes that!

Don O.

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