Blues CD Data

Mon Jul 7 18:03:14 EDT 1997

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997 02:41:49 -0400, in bit.listserv.blues-l, Curtis
Hewston <> wrote:

>I finally finished my blues CD database this weekend.  It took me about a
>month.  (Hint: Should you ever do this, definitely save your compilations
>for last.  They will crush your spirit like a bug.)  It's a modest
>collection: 2,491 tracks on 177 discs (165 titles), 357 artists, 61 labels,
>37 compilations.  I've excluded some 40 recent independent releases for now.

>So here's some random data subject to interpretation, or not:

Well done Curtis.

Did you actually type in every track and detail? or did you manage to
pull some of this data from other sources to save you from typing it

For example the All Music Guide (, and some CD
vendors on-line (like CDnow, CDuniverse and CDconnection) have a lot
of track information, as well as personnel, recording dates etc.....

However, these can be inconsistent and occassionally incorrect, so it
is still important to compare the actual CD sleeve notes.



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