Robert Junior Lockwood

Curtis Hewston curtis@MAGICNET.NET
Mon Jul 7 10:22:16 EDT 1997

At 07:52 PM 7/6/97 +0200, Marc Frijlink wrote:

>Just heard a rumor that Robert Junior Lockwood canceld a show in Phoenix.
>Word is he either had heartattack or died. Anyone got more info?

I just heard back from Michael James of American Legends -- Lockwood's
booking agency.  Quoting,

"wow, how do these rumours get started? luckily this is not true. i
just talked to robert yesterday and his bass player gene today. they
are in arizona and are playing the rhythm room sunday night july 6.
lockwood is out on a short tour stopping in oakland, CA, vancover, BC,
washington, etc. however robert's wife annie is real sick and has been
in the hospital lately. i hope everyone sends their best out for

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