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Lee C. Spector 00lcspector@BSUVC.BSU.EDU
Sun Jul 6 20:07:45 EDT 1997

I have been dismayed at the lack of piano players in the blues these
days.  My theory about this is that most of the relatively new blues
fans came from rock where guitar is the main instrument as opposed to
some of us who came from jazz where piano plays such an important
role.  Hence, these folks are more interested in guitar rather than
piano.  Outsied of Honey Alexander, Omar Sharriff, Ann Rabson and a few
others, there are not alot of piano players out there, it seems to me.
Thus, I was thrilled when David Maxwell got a record contract and even
more thrilled that it is a darn good one.  Tone Cool should be saluted
for taking a chance on an almost all instrumental piano album and I hope
other piano fans out there rush out to get it.

Lee " don't get mad at me for not mentioning the wonderful Charles
Brown and a few others"  Spector

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