Gear: Opinions on vintage Strats vs. Custom Shop?

Kenneth J.
Sun Jul 6 15:33:15 EDT 1997

In article <>, Ruth Vadi  <> wrote:
>Kenny Ray wrote:
>> I think it is best to Make your own Individual Strat
>> Look what we made at
>> under ordering info/click on( guitars) for 12 of my ex Girlfriends
>> Mainly, Strats/Teles.
>> Kenny Blue Ray
>If you can do it and you know what you want this is the best way to go.
>I looked at these guitars, and they are SHWEEEEEEEEEEET!  My husband,
>"Mad" Max, picks out the parts for our guitars and has Roger Kincaid of
>Kincaid Guitars in Rockville, MD, put them together.  Max's "Raggedy
>Flag" guitar was put together from assorted parts that cost maybe $150
>total (although assembly cost extra).  It's a very versatile guitar and
>has an incredible tone partly because of the swamp ash body (which
>weighs like 87 lbs.)
>By the way, Kenny, when I first read this message I thought it meant you
>had pictures of your ex-girlfriends on your guitar and I was wondering
>why you would want to do that.  Then I looked at the pictures and I "got

Funny, though I understand there are variances in swamp ash, it's usually
lighter than say alder or poplar. My Custom Shop '54 (swamp ash) is about
the lightest Strat (pretty bright sound too) of any Strat I've ever held.

ken "kindergarten blues" shapiro

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