Assorted Blues Help

Bill Alexander
Sun Jul 6 11:07:55 EDT 1997

Just a quick thank you to all who responded to the following requests for
help/ info:

1) Trackin' recordings : Little Willie Littlefield & "thin man" Watts

2) James "Thunderbird" Davis

3) Blues Radio/ Makin' it Work?

Just so you know your time/effort is appreciated. Don't know if thanking
people on the list is the norm but I feel it's important.

BTW if Steve Jeter is out there, I got 2 blank messages re: 3).
Don't know if the problem is mine or yours but I'd sure like you to try
again 'cause I'm interested in your thoughts on this.

Hope all our U.S. gang had a great long weekend !? Just curious but did
NASA plan the Mars landing to coincide with the July 4th holiday?? If so,
pretty impressive stuff !

Willy A
(up Waterloo way)

Willy A

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