Otis in Lisle - 7/4/97

Wild Bill wildbill@IBM.NET
Sat Jul 5 18:17:44 EDT 1997

It was a pleasure to see Otis Rush in yet another non-blues bar
venue - this time at the Lisle Balloon Festival in Lisle,
Illinois, last evening, July 4th, 1997.

The highlight of the evening was the squadron of five vintage
(propeller) fighter planes flying overhead several times
starting during "All Your Love (I Miss Lovin')."  It was great
to combine Otis's music with the planes, but it would have been
even more cool if they would have shot a few missiles, like at
the SeaWorld Shamu balloon.

Here's the set list:
Stagger Lee                   (Brother John leading the band)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Crosscut Saw                  (Otis enters)
All Your Love I Miss Lovin'
Black Night Is Falling
Tore Up
Please, Please, Please
Lonely Man
I Got My Mojo Workin'         (encore)

It was a nice set of about 80 minutes.  Otis's vocals were
especially strong during "Homework."  It looks like Bob
Stroger is with the band at least for the time being.
(He was with them in Aurora when I saw them June 15th.)
Fortunately, last night Bob didn't break any bass strings.

I don't know if the planes took a pot shot at Shamu or not
(I didn't see any tracer rounds), but his/her balloon was
deflated during "Black Night Is Falling."  After the show
a lady came out to sing an ear-piercing a capella "Star
Spangled Banner" and then the fireworks started.  I then
left before my spirits were deflated too much in order to
avoid traffic jams.

Bill Irvin
Lombard, Illinois

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