PLAYLIST: "Tren Tres" July 5th

Jorge Munoz
Fri Jul 4 18:02:56 EDT 1997

*** TREN TRES ******************** JUNE ****************** Saturday 5 ***
                       The 18 YEARS ON THE AIR Anniversary!

 To Whom It May Concern-Them-Us     TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME         Polydor
 Wrong People In Charge             MEM SHANNON                   Hannibal
 Say That Then                      MEM SHANNON                   Hannibal
 Henhouse                           LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES   Flying F
 Everybody's Talking                LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES   Flying F
 Message Machine                    LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES  Blind Pig
 I Want You                         HUBERT SUMLIN                Blind Pig
 You Don't Have To Go               PINETOP PERKINS              Blind Pig
 The Hucklebuck                     PINETOP PERKINS              Blind Pig
 Murmur Low                         PINETOP PERKINS                 Telarc
 Nobody Knows New York              LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES   Flying F
 Taylor Made                        LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOS   Blind Pig
 Soldier For The Blues              JIMMY KING                    Bullseye
 Life Is Hard                       JIMMY KING                    Bullseye
 Sweet Little Angel                 ROBIN TROWER                      V-12
 Got My Mind On My Woman            MIGHTY JOE YOUNG             Blind Pig
 Turning Point                      MIGHTY JOE YOUNG             Blind Pig
 I Want To Show You                 TOMMY CASTRO                 Blind Pig
 Jealous Mind                       ROBERT CRAY                    Mercury
 If She Is                          PAUL DeLAY BAND               Evidence
 21st Century Gypsy Singin'...      TAJ MAHAL                      Private
 Verge Of Tears                     KING JOHNSON                Steamtrain
 Cry Like A Rainy Day               ETTA JAMES                     Private
 You're Gonna Make Me Cry           LUTHER ALLISON               Alligator
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