Mama Get The Hammer, There's a Fly on Baby's Head

Michael Lloyd juke@CSTONE.NET
Fri Jul 4 17:52:44 EDT 1997

Arthur Schuna wrote:
> I heard a tune by the title "Mama Get The Hammer, There's A Fly on the Baby's
> Head" on WWOZ's Music From the Crypt program on Wednesday night.  A very
> strange number that I'm trying to track down. Does anyone know the artist or
> source for this little known gem?
> Art Schuna


  The song you are inquiring about is "Mama Get The Hammer" which is
performed by Barrence Whitfield and the Savages on an LP by the same
name.  (Mamou M-11)  A truly outrageous band from Boston I believe. I
hope this helps. I have this album in my collection so if you have
trouble locating a copy, I could make a tape for you if you wish. Let me
know how you come along in your search.

Michael Lloyd
Charlottesville, VA

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