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Nick Jacobsen stingray@STARWON.COM.AU
Fri Jul 4 00:14:39 EDT 1997

> Iron Mike said:
> >While I get a lot of requests for the same old chestnuts like everyone
> else, I get more requests for my originals.  While part of this may be
> that audiences here are more receptive to originals, it doesn't hurt to
> have good originals performed in an effective manner.<

Then Harry was glad to say:
> In the early days before I had any recordings out it was much harder to
> play original material.  I found as the crowd had something to take home
> with them(tapes, then LP's, then CD's) and get aquainted with the songs
> they started to request them.  Then after I started getting airplay it
> accelerated.  I remember the first time I performed in a strange city
> and people in the front row were singing all the words.  That's the
> magic of airplay.

This is the turning point of your original material then.  When you have a
recording being distributed and a bit of airplay it becomes more credible.

The question is "Is it the airplay and distribution of a CD/Tape etc that
makes your music more "Credible" so that people will enjoy it or is it that
they have heard it and become famliar with the music to respond to it?"

IMHO I think people assume a artist must be good if they are on the radio
or have a CD/Tape and this then allows them to justify listening to it.
After all how could a band be good if they don't have a CD or are not on
the radio.

This is why there are so many good musicians out there that haven't become
big and a lot of really crap musicians that are multi millionares.

Any thoughts on this?

Nick Jacobsen
Perth, Australia
      Bass Player  -  Stingray

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