Fontella Bass ( WAS:Re: eRIC's BLUES DATE: Jul 3)

Daniel Bruce dbruce@WESTPAC.COM.AU
Thu Jul 3 20:21:57 EDT 1997

Dan Gross wrote:
> Here's a few dates (b.born, d.death) for tomorrow.  If you have any additions/
> corrections, let me know at Complete data is now available
> on BLUES WORLD <>.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> artist                notes/full name        yyyy-mmdd, city/county   state age
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> BARRERE, PAUL            (of LITTLE FEAT) b. 1948-0703, BURBANK,         CA
> BASS, FONTELLA              (v/CHESS REC) b. 1940-0703, ST. LOUIS,       MO

In recognition of Fontella Bass's birthday, wasn't 'Rescue Me' a
fantastic soul/r&b one shot.

BTW, does anyone have a greatest hits set of hers (e.g. the recent Chess
one) and if so what do you think of it. Is it a good purchase??

Daniel Bruce
Sydney, Australia
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