Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

Thu Jul 3 18:47:44 EDT 1997

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>Subject: Re: Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

>Roland Mandler ( wrote:
>: Does anybody have any information on whether Bruce Katz has left the
>: Broadcasters?
>: - Roland

>  For all intents and purposes Bruce has left (not the first time, mind
>  you - but the most severe and probably for good). The up side is with
>  the breakup BRUCE will now be doing discs where he is the front.  Tho
>  he has done "jazz" discs previously where he was the front he will do
> (in fact he has just been in the studio for his first disc and he was
>  with Sam McClain for it) a blues disc.  A case where 2 (Ronnie Earl +
>  Bruce Katz) minus 1 = 2. Very much looking forward to what Bruce will
>  be doing blueswise, since his past affinity has been for jazz. And of
> course his new disc will be on Audioquest.  BTW the 2 new Audioquests
>  are very good, especially the Terry Evans (the other being the Robert
>  Lucas CD).

Sorry, but this isn't a bright-side thing as far as I can see it.
These guys are for all intents local (even though they`ve been touring a lot
lately you can always count on hearing them in town every few months
if you want) so I'd been a little lax about getting to see them lately,
& now, as usual in such situations, I'm sorry I didn't get it while I could.
The last time Katz split he was replaced by somebody who I'm sure was a
decent enough keyboards player in his own right, but the expected rapport
(heck, the Venusian mind-meld you expect from Earl & the Broadcasters)
just wasn't there.

If they got Dave Maxwell back I'm sure they'd form an equally tight rapport
of a different sort, but he's got his own career going now, so that isn't
going to happen.  And I'm sorry to say it & maybe he's improved in the
past few years, but I've seen Katz doing his "own-thing", mostly jazz,
a little blues, & found it just OK, nothing to race out at night for.
I'm sure he has potential, etc, etc, but its dumb to dump out of a great thing.

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