Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

Barry Silverberg
Thu Jul 3 15:56:44 EDT 1997

Roland Mandler ( wrote:
: Does anybody have any information on whether Bruce Katz has left the
: Broadcasters?
: - Roland

  For all intents and purposes Bruce has left (not the first time, mind
  you - but the most severe and probably for good). The up side is with
  the breakup BRUCE will now be doing discs where he is the front.  Tho
  he has done "jazz" discs previously where he was the front he will do
  (in fact he has just been in the studio for his first disc and he was
  with Sam McClain for it) a blues disc.  A case where 2 (Ronnie Earl +
  Bruce Katz) minus 1 = 2. Very much looking forward to what Bruce will
  be doing blueswise, since his past affinity has been for jazz. And of
  course his new disc will be on Audioquest.  BTW the 2 new Audioquests
  are very good, especially the Terry Evans (the other being the Robert
  Lucas CD).


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