Magic Slim & the Teardrops

Karen Hanson
Thu Jul 3 13:47:49 EDT 1997

Stopped over at Buddy Guy's after my class last night to see Magic Slim & The
Teardrops. If you can believe it, I had never heard them before.  (I think I
take for granted the bands that play regularly in the Chicago area; you know
what I mean?)

Well, nothing gets me moving more than a mean, hard-driving shuffle, and
Magic Slim & co. had plenty of those!  The band was real solid, I thought.
Nick Holt (Slim's brother, right?) plays his electric bass almost upright, as
if it were an acoustic. And the more the night when on, the more impressed I
became with guitarist James Wheeler.  Apparently he took John Primer's
place... where's he been all this time??  We liked the first set so well, we
stayed for the second, and I was revelling in the concept, that for the time
being, I am gloriously and jubilantly unemployed and I can  stay up as late
as I want!  (And I slept until 9:45 this morning!)  Also talked a little to
Dave Myers (who was sitting at the table in front of me).  I could get used
to this....

Sending out no resumes today,
Karen  :-)

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