Apology (NBC)

Mike McCourt mmccourt@ACUSON.COM
Thu Jul 3 11:46:29 EDT 1997

Mike Curtis <ironmanc@JUNO.COM> wrote:

>Re: Ruths report that some complain about her "advertising" (AKA bragging
>about her husband), and the many responses in favor of what she does:

>1. Personally, I'm sure most 'zellers either enjoy it or could care

    I wouldn't be so sure, my guess there are a lot more who care but
    figure it's not worth the effort.

>2. The Blues-L official FAQ wisely suggests if we don't like certain
>posts, just kill    'em.

    Doesn't the FAQ also mention the topic headings, most notably the NBC
    header? I don't think a single one of more than 30 messages about
    this endless(ly boring) topic have had an NBC header.

   >3. The FAQ also suggests that "amen" type posts should be avoided because
   >they add nothing but volume to the list.

   "Amen" to that.

>So if you enjoy Ruths posts, continue doing so - and Ruth, feel free to
>continue - you have not violated Blues-L guidelines in the least.  And if
>Ruths posts bother you, please use the DELETE button.

     And please, ignore the topic headers because they obviously don't apply to
     the select group that finds this private conversation fascinating.

     Sorry to make such a deal about this subject, I was hoping it would
     eventually go away, four days later I'm still waiting. The message was
     signed as list co-owner, giving it some semi-official status and was
     attempting to speak for the list at large (see comment #1).  It also
     completely missed the topic header issue and this whole conversation seems
     to me to be "violating Blues-L guidelines in the least".

Mike McCourt

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