Indentify this music/+++ Gear

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Thu Jul 3 09:33:59 EDT 1997

I grabbed an unlabeled tape for the car and I don't know who it is, but I
think I like it. It could be something someone sent me I don't know, but when
I find the answer I'll be embarassed for not knowing.

The singer is white. There is plenty of harp and guitar with some SRV influence
sneaking in at times (at least it sounds that way to me)..

One tune is something like "this ain't no brown and serve" , then a live
version of "Traveling Riverside Blues" , lots of harmony vocals with females
Nice harp playing. Careless Love is on there....Not much to go on, anyone
have a clue with the limited info.

GEAR: I am doing a Highlander test tonight. I will be playing a new Style O
with a Highlander installed against my Duolian with the 57 mic'ing it. I'll
post my results/opinions. I was talking to the local National dealer yesterday
and he told me to leave now and come play this new Tricone before the guy that
ordered it gets it (he always calls me when he gets a new National)...That
Tricone was one fine sounding guitar and my wife & I are seriously considering
one. I was playing and having fun a 'kid' (under 16) came from behind the
counter with a face splittin grin saying 'hey are you playing Muddy Waters"
I was impressed with the kid knowing a little something about the blues and
diggin the heck out of 'em

Leonard   'going to Clarksdale instead of the gig...'

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