Clarksdale or gig ?

Peter Gallagher
Thu Jul 3 07:05:32 EDT 1997

Ya don't _lose_ either way, Leonard!
But go to Clarksdale!
Think of all the poor suckers like me who CAN'T.
I nearly went this year only I didn't have the money :-7
Play a Muddy number for em down there will ya!

Leonard Watkins <ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU> writes:

>Someone just called and asked me to open for Tinsley Ellis on August 2nd :-(

>Tinsley always has a tremendous crowd (B'ham likes rock guitarist) so there
>would be a large audience. I would move them, they'd dig it. It'd do me well
>in the exposure department and the Sunflower will be around next year and there
>is always the King Biscuit....

>hmmmm...actually a tough choice, I'll spend money going to Clarksdale, I'll
>make money stayin N playin..

>Probally go to the festival...I don't know I win either way


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