NBC: AOL and mail

Mike Curtis ironmanc@JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 3 05:39:51 EDT 1997

AOL has seriously and severely overextended itself.  By trying to become
the Bill Gates of dialups, they've managed to really mess themselves up.
If you want RELIABLE, TIMELY email, you'll be far better off going with a
more reliable internet service provider.

I'm not saying AOLers should quit the service.  Only that they need to be
aware of just how flakey their service is.  That's one BIG disadvantage
of your being just a little minnow in AOLs huge ocean.

Other ISPs tend to be much smaller, and the service tends to be better.
This is why most internet old-timers aren't on AOL :-)

AOL offers many nifty features not found with other services.  But
currently, they are unable to handle email efficiently and speedily.
Other servers (such as my other ISP account, kaiwan.com) typically handle
email literally in seconds.  When I send something to an automated
server, I usually get a response back in maybe 5 seconds, if that.

SOMETIMES there will be problems in one area or another.  The Internet is
a large weblike network of computers, and something will be wrong
somewhere at any given time.  The Internet is purposely designed like
this to prevent there being a single central point of failure (like AOL

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