GATE STREET BLUES "at the beach" this holiday weekend!!

Wed Jul 2 18:55:41 EDT 1997

Hello howdy all you beach-goers this Independence Day weekend!  I'm just
electronically "dropping in" from no-man's land to let you know that we
have three, count 'em, THREE great beach gigs lined up for your July 4th
blues entertainment around New England, covering Massachusetts' north- and
-south shores and up to Hampton Beach, NH, too!  Man, we're ALL OVER the beach
this weekend!  We've got the beach covered so well we're practically rubbing
sun lotion on ya!   We're like them green-headed flies--:-)  you can't get
AWAY from us!  :-)  We're like those damned sand fleas, crawlin' up your
britches and stuff!  BUt way better than sand in your shorts, we've got these
three gigs lined up:

        Thurs., July 3   "Sea Note", Hull, MA  (Nantasket Beach) 617-925-4300

        Friday, July 4   "Saltwater Saloon", Salisbury Beach, MA 508-465-9706

        Saturday July 5  "Lebec Rouge", Hampton Beach, NH  603-430-9582

So bring your SPF 15 and your appetite for good blues and come on out and
see us!  And just an early reminder too that on July 16th we'll be competing
again in the Annual Portsmouth Blues Competition at the famous "Muddy River
Smokehouse" in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where their incredible, delicious
southern smokehouse barbecue is SO authentic, "'ll get a notion to
marry your sister!"  :-)


Riffin Rick

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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