Mike Curtis ironmanc@JUNO.COM
Wed Jul 2 18:24:48 EDT 1997

Re: Ruths report that some complain about her "advertising" (AKA bragging
about her husband), and the many responses in favor of what she does:

1. Personally, I'm sure most 'zellers either enjoy it or could care less.
2. The Blues-L official FAQ wisely suggests if we don't like certain
posts, just kill    'em.
3. The FAQ also suggests that "amen" type posts should be avoided because
   they add nothing but volume to the list.

So if you enjoy Ruths posts, continue doing so - and Ruth, feel free to
continue - you have not violated Blues-L guidelines in the least.  And if
Ruths posts bother you, please use the DELETE button.

 -- mike

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