'97 Convention BBQ Rapup (+ humor)

Barry Silverberg bsco@panix.com
Wed Jul 2 15:37:47 EDT 1997

The BBQ reservations are now complete.  Here is who's coming.
If you think you've sent me a M.O. for the BBQ and you are not
listed - E-MAIL me and let's see what happened.  The BBQ tickets
are for the BBQ/JAM/& ENTRY to the Blue Heron's show that night.

I know others will be coming to the JAM only and everyone is
welcome to attend it (just pay the club's cover and you are in to
the JAM). Sneaking BBQ food is punishable by the real blues, not
this namby-pamby stuff we discuss here ;-) (JOKE ALERT).

Munch time (BBQ) and JAM (no peanut butter) is 7PM. Your name
will be at the club door.  If there is a problem I will be there
with an elephant gun and several bandalieros to straighten things
out.  You can come early and I'm sure other zellers will be there

How to get to or call the Blue Heron
(and by the way it is right on the lake!!!! - very nice view) -
The Blue Heron is located on Lake Shore Drive -
DIRECTIONS: Exit 43 on Route 80. South on 115. South on 903. Make
a right turn into Lake Harmony (this is Lake Shore Drive) and the
Blue Heron is 1/2 mile up on the left.
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1-717-722-9898.

Lea Gilmore + 3 unknown friends (just kidding Leo) (4)
Andrea Philo (1)
William Tschanz (8)
Oded Maron (3)
Ron Kraemer (6)
Liz Sykes (2)
Rick Miller (2)
Steve Levine (1)
Terry Forche (2)
Joan Donoghue (2)
Thomas Ravener (1)
George Matosian (1)
Tom Morgan (2)
John Chamberlin (1)
Leo Aspiras (1) special thanks for housebanding the JAM
Karen Hanson (2)
Ron Weinstock (1)
Dom Forcella (2)
Rita Weingard (1)
D.J. Wayne (2)
Paul Benjamin (2)
Barry Silverberg (2)

See you all there (and Sat. & Sun. at the Festival.
Don't forget the Saturday 9AM and Sunday 9:30AM meetups.

At the fest REMEMBER we have our own room on the grounds. Any
time you just want to kick up and relax (or meetup with some of
the other zellers attending, this is the place to do it).  Brian (the
shirt man) is also making us a blues-l sign for the room.


PS Big thanks to Lea for the JAM and a special thanks to Leo for
putting up with my un-knowing-ness about certain houseband rules.
I will sure as hell be better informed in the future.

PPS At my last look here is the JAM lineup (Lea can confirm):
"Dave Sherman And The Nightcrawlers" (our house band); "Steve
Levine" (Jam MC; harp; he will be bringing an amp for other harp
players); "Ron Kraemer" (possibly with his band "The Hurricanes";
guitar; vocals); "Lea Gilmore" (vocals; keyboard); "Brian 'Smirkyface'
Mclean" (guitar; vocals); "Marc Sykes" (guitar;
vocals); "Sara G." (almost sure ... keyboards); "Bob Unger"
(bass); "Frank Robinson" (guitar); "Tom Ravener" (harp).

As Willie Mabon once said - be there or be square (JOKE ALERT #2)


Disclaimer: YES I am affiliated with blues-l.

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