NBC: Slim Jim

Wed Jul 2 14:28:04 EDT 1997

Last night aroughd 2:30am. I was riding home when I saw a guy I knew and
a couple of his friends trying to break into a car. They saw me and
asked if I knew how to work a coat hanger. I gave it a try, but had no
luck. I suggested calling a cop. They had and the cops won't come out to
do that anymore. I offered to ride to the nearest police station to
borrow a slim jim. They looked at me like I was slightly off. I got the
the station and explain what had happened, told about my friend locking
his keys in his car. The desk sargent has me leave an I.D., then hands
me a slim jim. Back to the car. We can't get it opened(power locks). We
stop everyone going by but no luck. I ride back to the station, the
officer asks,"how'd it go". "Oh, the brick worked fine" says I. I thank
him, get my I.D. and head back to see the guys and say goodnight.  
Brian Mclean 
                                “life's too short to live the blues”

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