Taj:"World Music"

David J. Jones djj2@CORNELL.EDU
Wed Jul 2 10:21:30 EDT 1997

PeterG wrote:

>Hi Dave,
>as a major Taj fan, I'd appreciate the title of that "world music" album
>you mentioned of his!
>I have a "world music" almum of his and I love about 70% of the trax on
    Turns out the title of the album is "World Music."
  (Sony rel. date 01 Jun 1993)(#52755)  catalog number and release date from
Music Blvd  where it is listed.

    Tracks are as follows:

   When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul (3:09)
   My Ancestors (4:07)
   Slave Driver (2:46)
   West Indian Revelation (6:58)
   Kalimba (1:39)
   Desperate Lover (2:44)
   Clara (St. Kitts Woman) (4:05)
   Cajun Waltz  (3:06)
   Roll, Turn, Spin (4:46)
   Johnny Too Bad (3:15)
   Brown Eyed Hansome Man (3:38)
   Blackjack Davey (3:37)
   Music keeps Me Together (3:38)
   When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul(Reprise) (3:07)

The Music blvd site doesn't have any listing for performers other than the
Taj, himself.  I may have to listen to this again as I don't remember
exactly why I put it back on the shelf and left it there.



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