Bobby Bland (was:Re: what does this mean?)

Tue Jul 1 20:17:13 EDT 1997

According to Daniel Bruce:
> Bobby Bland is STILL producing great music. Some of his later stuff for
> Duke is excellent (Songs like ' Lover with a reputation')

I agree.  MCA's third volume of Bobby Bland's Duke material
("That Did It!") was one of my favorite reissue sets of last
year.  This stuff is primo Soul and Soul-Blues with some
interesting arrangements.  I wasn't that familiar with Bobby's
late 60s recordings (I was much more familiar with his earlier
records), but a lot of these cuts rank with the best Soul music
of the period.  Too bad Bland was generally ignored by the
Blues-Rock revivalist crowd of the time; however, Bland certainly
remained popular (and still is) among Black audiences.


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