Time changes things

Delta Doc Roger deltadoc@BITSTREAM.NET
Tue Jul 1 19:00:56 EDT 1997

        Why was SOn House so powerful, because he lived life powerfully.  He
believed in God and the Devil.  These forces played significant roles in
Son House' life.  Choosing between the two added to his dilemma.  Preachin'
Blues was his way of putting the turmoil to rest (or so i've read).

When you feel things in life powerfully, it is going to exhibit itself in
your mannerisms, your speech, your beliefs, etc.

Playing music is just another way of communicating feelings.  If you feel
those things in powerful ways, then i think it goes without saying your
music will be powerful.

SOn House is the King of the Delta Blues, and Delta Blues is the most
powerful of the blues.

In my opinion, of course.


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