what does this mean?

Ray Mikell mojo@kopower.com
Tue Jul 1 18:56:27 EDT 1997

>Ray Mikell wrote in response to P.W.:
>>   The rest can be put under the "more popular is better, though we can
>> disagree" which means you must suck, 'cause you're not selling platinum and
>> don't have blues and major music magazines calling so much you have to hire
>> a press agent.
>What is this guy's problem???
This guy's problem is pretty simple. P.W. is saying that the most popular is
always best, though "we" can disagree on that. Thus he's saying that if
Johnny Lang is hugely popular, that automatically means he's better than
anyone else 'cause it's quantifiable as far as sales go, though "we" can
disagree on it.

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